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The Citadel

Saturday 9th December

Miles: 45   Climbing: 482ft

I slept surprisingly well last night but all of my muscles hurt when I woke up. The rest day had triggered my DOMS. I stayed in bed until 8, longer than I’d managed to all holiday, before finally getting up and hitting the road again. Today should be a short day of about 40 miles to Hue.

I hadn’t had any breakfast so I stopped at a coffee shop after a few miles and had a coffee. I had my Vietnamese phrase book out and confidently asked for the food menu only to be told that they don’t serve food. Disappointed and hungry I set off again.

Before too long I found a bakery. I like the bakeries here because everything is on display so I can just point and the bread is fresh. I only really seen small baguettes for sale previously but this one appeared to have a few other things so I decided to try what looked like sesame seed rolls. I asked for 2 and I got a third one for free so I strapped them to my handlebars and headed off.

A little while later I stopped to eat one only to discover that it was actually more like a Vietnamese donut. I was pleasantly surprised and managed to make them last the whole ride.

I arrived in Hue at lunchtime so stopped for some lunch before finding my hotel.

The receptionist strongly recommend that I head straight to the citadel as it was worth spending a few hours there.

The citadel is right in the centre of the city and is huge and even has mini citadels inside it. It was fascinating and very photogenic.

Whilst I was in the citadel I bumped into Peter and Evelina and a friend of theirs again and wondered around with them for a while before heading off to dinner.

Evelina then let slip that it was her Birthday so of course there were a few birthday cocktails too.

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