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Sorry Mom

Tuesday 12th December

Miles: 71   Climbing: 745ft

Different day, same cat. Another struggle to escape from the clingy creature.

I wasn’t really expecting the same clingyness from the hotel staff though. The owner and another lady, possibly the cleaner, watched me as a got my bike ready. Asking me loads of questions and saying that they wanted to come with me. I also got a lot of hugs. Anytime I was still for a second one of them was hugging me. I finally managed to prise myself away and was back on the road.

The scenery today was very different. It was empty, very, very flat and sandy. With the heat it really felt like I was in the desert.

My destination today was Quang Ngai, about 70 miles away and it took me about 5hrs to get there. For my accommodation for the evening I was going to try something different, Couchsurfing. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is there is a website and an app where strangers offer their couch or spare room for others to stay in. I’d found a place advertised in Quang Ngai and contacted Eric, the owner, who let me stay. I had a great night whizzing around town on the back of his motorbike being shown all the good places to eat that I never would have found on my own.

I was also introduced to milk tea. This is a drink that is very popular in this part of the world. Imagine an iced latte but with tea instead of coffee and very sweet. Now add any random flavoured syrup and cubes of jelly. Yes, JELLY.

It’s actually not that bad. But it’s not really tea anymore.

Now I must apologise to my mom. I’m sorry but I met a strange man in a strange town and climbed on the back of his bike moments later.

I’ve even more sorry about the tea.

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