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Singing in the rain

Friday 8th December

Miles: 88   Climbing: 1637ft

There’s not a lot to say about today except that it rained, a lot, and I was soaked for most of it. That’s not to say that it was a bad day, just not much happened.

To keep myself entertained during the long rides I’ve started singing to myself. I was a bit concerned that I would get some strange looks if anyone overheard me but then I remembered that everyone gives me strange looks here anyway.

I left at 5am and was chatting to the Australian part-owner of my hostel, Easy Tiger, as I was getting ready. He was trying to decide if he could be motivated to ride his motorbike to Hue, the same place I was going, in that rain. When he realised that I was cycling there he decided to man up and do it. He promised to wave as he passed me later on, which he did.

I saw my first snake of the trip on my way there. It wasn’t too big and I wanted to stop and take a picture but it was moving very fast. In fact, I don’t think I took any pictures at all today.

I didn’t make it to Hue after all, I was exhausted and stopped after about 90 miles. I checked into a very cheap hotel which is definitely the worst one I’ve stayed in but it was acceptable. I even managed to find a restaurant called the Red Lion. I went there expecting to find some western food and managed to get a half decent steak and chips.

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