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Sick as a dog

Thursday 21st December

Miles: Just between the bed and toilet

There’s not a lot to say about today except that I spent almost all of it in bed.

Several times I thought that I was feeling much better only for the chills and aching to start again.

I finally venture outside sometime in the early evening because I was feeling weak from the lack of food. I stumbled down the street into a nearby restaurant which was owned by a lovely Laos lady, who called me darling the whole time, and her husband from Dudley. She asked me what I wanted to drink before recommending ginger tea with fresh lemon and local honey.

It was amazing and I started to feel better already. I followed that with a proper pizza and a huge salad and was almost feeling normal again. I managed to spend a few hours on my porch updating my blog after that before getting an early night.

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