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Short Day

Friday 15th December

Miles: 22   Climbing: 1542ft

Today was a very short day, even shorter than I’d anticipated as last nights accommodation was on the south side of one town and tonight’s was on the north side of another. I’d estimated about 40 miles but it ended up being closer to 30.

It was unbearably hot so I didn’t mind so much.

I stopped about halfway for a milk tea. I’d learnt the Vietnamese for this a few days ago so I knew what to look out for.

Milk tea is a bit strange. When someone told me about it I thought it sounded disgusting but I actually quite like it. Most importantly it’s cold, has calories in and I know how to ask for it.

Imagine a really milky sweet tea, cold with ice. Sometimes they add a syrup for flavour and then they add small chucks of different flavoured jelly.

Weird but good.

Along the way I get the usual hellos from children. Sometimes they ask my name or where I am from but don’t understand my response. One young boy, maybe about 9 years old, was cycling towards me, gave me a small smile, put one hand to his chest, bowed his head and said “welcome to Vietnam”. I was so shocked that I was almost past him before I managed to say thank you.

I’m spending the night in a town called Pleiku and tomorrow I hope to cross the border into Cambodia.

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