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No turning back now

Welcome to my blog. I started this blog for a number of reasons:

  1. To use it as a bit of a journal of my travels and adventures.

  2. To let my friends and family follow my journey.

  3. Hopefully inspire others to go on adventures, big or small.

  4. So my Mum can check that I’m still alive and well.

My name is Claire, I’m 35 and from England although I am kind of based in Scotland now. I love the outdoors and exploring new places. I have always enjoyed cycling but really got into it a lot more recently and decided to go on a cycling holiday this winter. My plans somehow escalated and before I knew it I had booked flights to Vietnam.

I fly out to Hanoi on Sunday and my plan is to buy a bike and then cycle to Bangkok visiting a few places in Laos and Cambodia along the way. I’ve got about 7 weeks to do it before my flight home and i’ll be doing it on my own. No problem, it’s only about 3000 miles through the jungle in countries I’ve never been to in the heat and 95% humidity. My Mum is worried I’m going to get eaten by a tiger but with only 30 tigers left in the wild I think I’d be quite lucky (or unlucky?) to even see one.

So, 3 days from now I will be sat on the plane hopefully feeling a lot calmer. I do not feel prepared at all at the moment but all of the important stuff is sorted (flights, visa, hotel for the first night). My plans are not fixed. I know a few places I would really like to visit but I’ll mostly be making it up as I go. I’ve got an 11 hour flight in which to read the travel guide and starts getting an idea of which routes I could take.

Please follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (for my friends to get the blood sweat and tears version) and please post comments or send messages, I think i’ll need all the encouragement I can get.

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