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Merry Christmas

Monday 25th December

There were a lot of sore heads this morning. Luckily, mine was not one of them.

I don’t often have a drink in the daytime but Christmas day is usually an exception. I had bought 2 miniature bottles of  whisky with me as my luxury items. One was for Christmas day and the other was for New Year and I was very proud of myself for not drinking them before now.

We had been so excited about the beach party that we had completely ignored organising anything for Christmas day and everyone told us that we should have pre-booked something. I should have known that on an island as relaxed as Don Det we wouldn’t get turned away. We managed to find a Christmas day feast at Adams Bar. It wasn’t quite as good as I would have gotten at home but it was pretty damn good.

So that is my Christmas break over, tomorrow I really have to leave so it’s time for an early night. I really will miss this place, and the people I have met here.

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